If you checked out my routine bi-weekly celeb purse round-ups, you understand I have been (gently) ribbing Kim Zolciak for her extreme Chanel game for some time. genuine Housewives in general are not particularly subtle with their designer bag choices, however Kim truly ups the ante with her routine Chanel luggage parades with LAX. In our research, we discovered that Kim hasn’t always been this dedicated of a Chanel fanatic, even though she has long had a Yorkie named after the brand. Her commitment to bring Chanel (and lately, only Chanel) bags is recent, however she’s making up for lost time with outstanding volume as well as range.

Let’s review, shall we? If you want to comply with in Kim’s footsteps, you can shop a broad range of authentic, pre-owned Chanel bags through Vestiaire Collective.

Chanel Minaudiere
We’ll begin with the much more very little entrances in Kim’s exorbitant Chanel collection. She’s particularly fond of Chanel’s newest batch of perspex clutches.

Chanel Box Minaudiere
Bags like the Chanel Box Miniaudiere may be wee, however the cost points for these bit collector’s products begin at around $10K as well as only go up.

Chanel video camera Minaudiere
This Chanel video camera Miniaudiere, for example, will set you back around $13,000. I envision that neat sum would purchase a fair amount of actual film equipment.

Chanel Minaudiere
Kim is so seldom video camera shy, however this is still a excellent shot of her hot pink Chanel Miniaudiere. This style is one of Karl Lagerfeld’s genuine thinkers.

Chanel travel Bag as well as Trolley Set
Now we’re getting deep into Kim’s Chanel luggage collection. right here she is with a Chanel Bag as well as Trolley Set. You will often see Kim’s other half Kroy Biermann in the background.

Chanel travel Bag as well as Trolley Set
Same luggage set-up, different fantastic Kim Zolciak outfit.

Chanel travel Bag as well as Trolley Set
Here’s a much better close-up of Kim’s Chanel luggage game. note that Kroy has counted on Louis Vuitton for his own travel needs.

Chanel travel Bag as well as Trolley Set
Here’s one more angle. Kim travels A LOT, as well as it seems like she is photo-ready with Chanel bags in LAX at least twice weekly.

Chanel young boy Bag
Finally, here’s one of Kim’s daughter’s travel set-up. Κατά μάνα κατά κόρη. You’ll notice Brielle is bring her own multicolored Chanel young boy Bag, a bright pink MCM Backpack, as well as an large Louis Vuitton bag to boot. So much for Samsonite!